Top 10 YouTube Automation Channel Examples – Sheharyar The Tech Guru

    Top 7 YouTube Automation Channel Examples - Sheharyar The Tech Guru

    Today, we’ll be diving into some real-life examples of successful automation channels that are making big bucks and captivating audiences worldwide. We’ll take a closer look at their content, unique approaches, and monetization strategies.

    So if you want to see how real pros work, keep reading.


    Channel Number 1 is called Alux, and its content is focused on business, success, and self-development with a touch of luxury. The channel currently has 4.3 million subscribers and publishes 4 videos per week.

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    The most popular video posted by Alux is titled “15 Things Poor People Do That The Rich Don’t” and has gained 8.5 million views in 5 years.

    If you check their channel, you will see it is mainly stock footage with a voiceover. The videos are professionally edited, and the voiceover artist is not a random person on Fiverr.

    If you are just starting, you can use a tool like Pictory and an AI voiceover to get similar results on a budget.

    Branding is another thing that we can learn from. The Alux logo is simple and easy to remember. The blue color is everywhere, on the channel icon, banner, thumbnails even in the videos.

    When it comes to income, Alux has an interesting monetization strategy. Besides the ad revenue, they also promote their app with a subscription costing $15 per month or $99 per year. But that is not all. On their official website, they also sell courses. These courses are about business and self-improvement.

    For the ad revenue, SocialBlade estimates $800 to $14,000 per month, but this seems way too low for a channel like this. Especially one that is in the business and self-improvement niche. In reality, this channel is making at least $40,000 just from ads.

    There is much to learn from this channel, especially when it comes to playing the long-term game.

    Facts Verse

    The next channel on our list is Facts Verse, which creates content in the 80s pop culture niche. This channel was created in 2015 and has grown to over 9 million subscribers.

    Their most popular video has 46 million views and was uploaded 5 years ago. It’s more related to random facts than pop culture.

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    Social Blade estimates this channel is earning $6,000 to $100,000 per month, but the owner of the channel revealed that he is earning around $100,000 per month from this Youtube channel. This is quite inspiring.

    What is interesting about Facts Verse is that they can post 3 videos a day. This is probably the reason behind the 9 million subscribers and $100,000 earned per month. Without a proper team and system in place, reaching these numbers is nearly impossible.

    Besides the ad revenue, Facts Verse also uses the membership feature on Youtube and Tee Spring to sell custom t-shirts.


    If you are interested in basketball or sports in general, this channel will inspire you to start creating videos in this niche.

    With almost 2.3 million subscribers and 189 videos uploaded, this channel makes between $2,800 to $45,000 monthly. They are also promoting affiliate programs, but it’s hard to estimate how much that is earning.

    Screenshot by Author

    For the content, JxmyHighroller uses a mix of custom graphics and NBA footage. This and the voiceover helps them not get copyrighted problems and fall under the category of fair use. They consistently upload 2 videos monthly, and their most popular video has 15 million views.

    The people behind this channel really know how to create curiosity with their titles and thumbnails. Titles like “The NBA is rigged….” and “The Most Unguardable Player In The NBA” will definitely get attention and clicks.

    Their thumbnails are also simple but effective, using minimal text.

    If sports are your passion and you want to start Youtube automation, then use this channel as an example.

    Animal Wised

    Next on our list is Animal Wised, a faceless youtube channel that creates content in the animal niche. Animal Wised has currently 548,000 subscribers.

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    They post facts and interesting videos about all kinds of animals. This includes dogs, cats, hamsters, and even some wild animals like tigers.

    The channel makes between $600 and $10,000 per month, according to Social Blade. One big mistake this channel makes is not promoting affiliate products. Things like pet food, toys, and accessories can increase income substantially.

    For their videos, there is nothing fancy. Stock footage, a good voiceover, and minimal graphics are enough to prove a point and entertain the viewer.


    If you want something related to science and technology, then Voyager is what you are looking for. This channel creates content around the space and science niche and gained 252,000 subscribers.

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    According to Social Blade, this channel makes between $1,500 to $24,000 per month. They are also earning from sponsors and Patreon.

    Their videos use a combination of stock footage, custom graphics, and videos from the internet. Everything is well-researched and documented, making the content much easier to understand.

    The channel was created in 2020 and gained over 56,000,000 views. The space niche is an interesting one and is definitely something people will continue to be interested in.

    The Tesla Space

    Another interesting channel in the technology niche is The Tesla Space. With over 332,000 subscribers, this channel is creating content mainly about Tesla, Space X, Neuralink, and content related to Elon Musk.

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    This channel is making between $1000 and $15,000 per month, according to Social Blade. They are also building an email list, a Patreon membership, and a Merch Store.

    The channel was created by a Tesla fan that wanted to use his car for more than getting from point A to point B. In their videos, they use a combination of personal footage and footage they can find online.

    Real Engineering

    The last channel on our list is Real Engineering, which creates content that answers how things work or how they are built. For example, “The Insane Engineering of MRI Machines” or “The Secret Invention That Changed World War 2”.

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    According to Social Blade, the channel is earning between $1,000 and $19,000. The channel is also using Nebula for ad-free videos and has a Patreon membership.

    The team working behind this channel is creating really in-depth and informative content. If you are curious about how things work, then you will definitely enjoy this channel.

    These channels are not the only ones that make a ton of money on YouTube by outsourcing most or all of the work. But they serve as great examples of how profitable YouTube automation can be.

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